Current Owner:  
David Silver 2000- Present
Previous Owners:  
William Silver  1879 Ė1925
Harry C. Silver 1925 - 1947
Harry J. and Wm  D. Silver 1947-1972
Dan and Jack Silver 1972-2000
David and Danny Silver 2000-2006

Silver Brothers was established in 1879 by William M. Silver.

William M. Silver came to Hoopeston in 1879 after serving three years for the Union Army in the Civil War.  He was a skilled contractor who worked on buildings such as Hoopestonís first City Hall in 1888 and its first Township Hall in 1902.

He also built many bridges, sidewalks, and other large structures, including the Floral Hill Chapel in 1879.

William M. Silver died in 1925 at the age of 80.

Williamís son, Harry Silver, continued the trade by becoming a skilled contractor who specialized in stone and brick masonry buildings.

Harry had 3 sons, William R., George, and Harry J., who formed  Silver Brothers in Hoopeston in 1947.

Williamís 2 sons Daniel and Jack took over the business in 1972, specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial contracting and supplied the area with Ready-Mix concrete.

Danielís two sons David and Daniel continued the business in 2000, with the high quality of workmanship past down from previous generations.


David has been the owner since 2000 and is the 5th generation of Silver Brothers builders with the 6th generation in the wings. 


David credits the businessí success to past customers A major part of our business is call back and repeat business by customers that we have done work for in the past.  It is a challenge running  a business in tough economic times, but he canít think of anything else he would rather do.

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